Thames Cruise

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Most major cities benefited from a river running through it to make it easier for trade, import and export. These days the waterways are not nearly as busy as they used to be but great rivers like the Thames in London still have plenty of traffic on them with tourists taking the opportunity to view cities in a peaceful and relaxing way.

Windsor Castle

You couldn’t talk about the beautiful buildings lining the River Thames without mentioning the glory that is Windsor Castle. Located in Berkshire some 85miles from London, this iconic residence of the Queen, is well worth the trip from the capital. The largest most continuously lived in castle in the world, this 11th century structure boasts a beautiful riverside view and an extensive park.

Big Ben

Just as iconic as Windsor Castle, this site brings you right back to the heart of London and is of course one of the most famous sites in the UK. Situated right next to the river, Big Ben is one of London’s most awe-inspiring sites. Completed in 1859, this north clock tower of Westminster Palace is officially named the Elizabeth Tower, and boasts the 2nd largest clock face in the world! Visitors from around the world come to enjoy this site.

The Tower of London
Built by William the Conqueror, this former prison used to strike fear into the hearts of wrong-doers. Over its 900year old history it has also played the part of zoo, treasury, jewel house, and even palace. Housing the Crown Jewels and protected by traditionally dressed Yeoman Warders and the Queen’s Ravens, this is the most visited tourist attraction in the whole of the UK!

The London Bridge Hospital
It is never pleasant to be in hospital, but at least the London Bridge Hospital boasts a great view of the bustling River Thames. Opened in 1986, this private hospital also comprises an Art Deco House in its façade. Offering lovely river views, it is a stone’s throw from the historical London Bridge. Boasting world class experts such as consultant Paul Ross and myeloma specialist Professor Jamie Cavenagh, this hospital prides itself for its care.

Shakespeare’s Globe
This reconstruction of the famous playhouse and theatre that existed in the legendary playwright’s time is nestled right beside the south side of the river. Opened in 1997, this incredible structure is considered accurate to the original, which unfortunately was demolished way back in 1644. Enjoy a play or simple take in the incredible architecture of this wonderful building.

Hampden Court Palace and Gardens
The residence of kings and queens for centuries, the beautiful Hampden Court Palace and Gardens lie right on the banks of the Thames. With the oldest part of the estate dating from the 16th century and the court of Henry VIII, it was later expanded in the 17th century with many of the buildings from that era thrilling crowds of visitors today.

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