So Much Room For Activities

A barge mat not seem like a traditional spot for someone who needs a multifunctional space, but just take a look on what this fantastic Bristonian barge has to offer.

big boy 6

You’ll walk in to see what usual small kitchen and utility area with small kitchen stove and minimal shelving on show.

Take a walk through to the back though and you won’t believe just how big it looks on the inside. There’s a weight area, enough room to do any workout you’d like and even room for a full size snooker table, as well as room for a full drum kit.

You’ll notice how the original breakfast bar area that was a kitchen now looks more like a nautical themed bar, so you know it’s a space that can hold a party or two.

You’ll never need to worry about not having enough space as this barge already has a 2 year fixed lease with one of the best local removal firms in Bristol which is only a short 15 minute walk away.

big boy

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