Seaside Stunner

We love the idea of getting people out on the water with innovative homes, hotels and converted spaces, but that doesn’t mean that we only focus on what floats.

We like to encourage new builds and existing properties and businesses that are by the water, whether it is the beach, canals, lakes or rivers. These kind of properties help to push the idea that we are lucky in the area that we live in and should make the most of the natural landscape around us.

Of course, every year we are seeing more and more stories of flooded properties which is why we would always expect any area to be thoroughly surveyed prior to planning permission being granted. With more money being put into flood defenses it shows that it is possible to have a beautiful waterside property but a lot of thought and planning has to go into it first.

One hotel that has recently gone under a bit of brand transformation is Cornwall’s Watergate Bay Hotel. With the help of a creative design agency they have updated their image and are now seeing a lot of interest and, to be honest, it is easy to see why.

On the south coast of England the Watergate Bay Hotel enjoys a stunning location making the most of its surroundings which include a beautiful sandy beach and of course, the ocean.

The hotel really makes the most of its location with its ‘Extreme Academy’ that helps to teach people how to surf and kite surf. With over 2 miles of sandy beach to enjoy it is obvious why this is one of the UK’s best locations for beach sports.

As well as beautiful stylish rooms, fantastic dining and a great indoor swimming pool the hotel is also perfect for those with dogs. Up to 2 dogs are allowed to stay and with so many dog friendly beaches in the area they will have as good a time as you will!

This hotel is completely up-to-date and advantaged in all of its technology and equipment. high range double glazing windows to protect visitors from the cold weather in the winter, to the new and updated kettles and re-fridge-ration appliances. Perhaps one of most impressive installment to this establishment is its high performance heating system, which includes state of the art radiators and air-conditioning, keeping it an ideal temperature no matter the season or adverse weather conditions. To find out more about their impressive heating system go to:

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