Modern Living On A Modern Barge

Have you ever thought about getting away from it all?  Being able to just get up and leave where you are?  Well you can, kind of. Live the life you want on a boat.  It’s not just any boat. It’s a house boat, fully equipped and designed to the highest specifications.

This masterpiece is brought to you by Rost Niderehe Architects and it merges the comfort and structure of a modern home with the unusual concept of living on a barge.  This boat is located in Hamburg on the Eilbek canal. The residents abroad have the option of changing their landscape by moving their home left or right with the help of a tug.

amazing boat home

The structure looks absolutely magnificent. The brown curves on the upper and lower deck blend well into the background in the leafy canal. The two deck barge houses the living and working areas of the home with large windows allowing light and space onto into each section.

boat house

The master bedroom is spacious and quirky with the windows and curve along the wall.  You would be forgiven to forget that you were actually on a barge due to the contemporary finishing’s in each area of the home.  The white paint adds to the fresh feel of the room.

The living room is a wonderful place to behold.  The light brown flooring blends in well with the decking outside extending the space further. The white walls again make the lounge seem bigger than it actually is. Modern touches including designer radiators by Trade Radiators complete this rooms 21st century feel.

The kitchen is the largest and most impressive part of the house. The open plan living concept works well in this environment. It’s equipped with all you would expect including a cooker, dining area and adequate cupboard space too.

Imagine waking up in the morning, eating breakfast, and having this view. The views are never ending. You have the space to walk out, enjoy the sun while being secure in your home. This type of living is definitely different but it also seems normal.


Living on a barge is becoming more popular in the UK. Some people are bored of the same surroundings every day. The same driveway, the same tarmac, the same roads. With barge living you can change the landscape in which you see. You feel closer to nature. Barge living is definitely an idyllic lifestyle.

This YouTube video shows the lifestyle of someone living on a modern barge. You have the choice of waking up somewhere different each day. It might not be for everyone but if you want a change then could it be for you?


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