Looking good…on a boat

“Oh she’s a beauty”.

You might hear someone saying that by the Thames when a lovely looking ship goes by. But if you’ve been one of the lucky ones to be invited aboard the Good Ship Benefit over the summer, you’ll have haeard it all the time when people are getting salon time at one of the weirdest locations you’ve ever seen for a salon. Let’s hop on board and see what bounty we can find.


It’s good to start off with some backstory here as to why a ship is going up and down the river like this. The Good Ship Benefit is the cosmetic brand’s nice little twist on the pop-up store we’re all too familiar with seeing on the high street. It was docked on the river at the Victoria Embankment from April to August and made a nice change to walk by in the summer rather than someone almost running you over as they rush by on a bike to sell overpriced ice cream.


Stretching across 3 decks like the beauty cruise of our dreams, the refurbished boat has  a fully functioning salon offering everything from eyelash extensions and manicures to make-up tutorials. Benefit of course know that any time spent out on the water is as good an excuse as any to have a cocktail or two and their lavish 1950’s styled beauty bar called the Pinkerton Parlour. It  served up a bunch of nautical themed tipples and treats that made for quite the bounty.

One area of the boat we’ve sadly not been able to find photos for was the Hoola deck. We’ve been told it was like walking in to a Tiki bar with people dressed in full hula attire acting as waiting and cabana-style beds on top of the boat for those beautiful (but rare) sunny days in London.

And to keep things classy the middle deck had a San Francisco inspired restaurant that served California style cuisine, with of course, another amazing cocktail menu.

We hope to see this, or other companies, take to the river to create unique experiences like this. If anyone knows how to transform the Coca Cola lorry in to a boat, we’ll be the first to jmup on board.

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