Location, Location, Location

We have been concentrating on specific properties that find themselves either on the water or at the water’s edge and this can be great inspiration for deciding on the kind of property you are looking for.

With programmes like Grand Designs proving so popular we know that there is a demand to see these sometimes weird but always wonderful properties, but we thought we’d also help you out with another important aspect related to properties.

Funnily enough we can relate this to another favourite programme of ours in Location, Location, Location. Instead of finding properties in good catchment areas for schools or withing easy commuting for your office job in Slough we are going to be thinking outside the box.

The locations we are going to be looking at are the kind of places that you might want to go on holiday to, what’s that? It sounds like A Place in the Sun? OK, so we may have our inspiration from yet another TV programme but it is definitely more fun than searching for affordable 3 bedroom detached houses in London commuter towns.

The first Location we are looking at is the islands of Malta and Gozo. If you have looked through our site you will know that we like our property to at least be near the water and in Malta you are never too far from the coast.


Malta itself is actually one of the smallest countries in the world and with the island stretching just under 30km in length and under 15 in width you will understand what we meant by always being close to the water. Around 200km of shoreline surrounds the beautiful island and this is dotted with sandy beaches, secluded coves and stunning lagoons.

As with any area you might think about moving to, you should always take the time to visit. Getting an idea of the standard of life is always important and is also the perfect excuse for a holiday. We understand that if you are thinking about moving you might not want to spend too much on a holiday which is why you can take a look at https://www.chevron.co.uk. You can always find great deals and prices here and because they specialise solely with Malta and Gozo, they know what they are talking about.

Malta itself is ideal for either holiday makers or people looking to move somewhere a bit warmer. As we mentioned the coastline is wonderful and there are regular building developments happening. One area in particular has a bright future ahead of it. Golden Sands Bay only has a luxury hotel built at it at the moment but there is talk of future development.


It sits on a beautiful beach that draws visitors from miles around and also has a number of great beach cafes, bars and restaurants.

If you want to be in the middle of things Valletta Harbour could be ideal. As well as being the obvious place for boat owners it is right in the middle of a beautiful city that has everything you could want in a modern city.

The majority of Malta’s population live here and it has a real city buzz about it and the luxury harbour view flats and condos are definitely worth taking not of.


Moving to  different country is not a decision you should take lightly and a lot of research should go into things first but if you are ready to make the move it can be a great one.


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