Getting A Move On Land Or Sea

Looking for a barge home that you can anchor down in water and land? Take a look at this home where barge life has been flipped on its side.


Originally this holiday home was made to be movable; the idea being you can park it right on the coast and then lifted on to a barge float or wooden tracks to take about on land.

It might look small but can sleep a family of five easily. One side is completely covered in glass to bring in all that light from a coastal view. Every panel window can be hidden away for privacy. Inside the walls are compartmentalised in to a series of shelves and storage areas with a minimal, but fully functioning kitchen. Of course these rooms are not particularly large but then they were never designed to be used in the long term, only for a week or 2 at the most when good summer weather will mean the family will spending the majority of their day outside adventuring in the sun.

Don’t worry about getting chilly in the evening, the building has the facility to power 2 radiators which can be powered by a small gas fed boiler situated in the annex, and if you look at the back you’ll notice two water tanks for the fully functional shower providing hot water so you can get a good old scrub after a herd day in the outdoors.








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