Floating Life On The Thames

It can be hard finding somewhere to live in London when you spend most of your day on the move. Why not grab yourself a place that can move all over the city?thames barge


This barge might look small floating on a West London mooring, but inside you’ll find a reconverted 5 bed with a quirky nautical look. There is a surprising amount of space available in the living/dining area with plenty of natural light able to shine over the breakfast bar. Look at how space is used wisely with hooks taking place over bulky shelving units.

The London life is something many people would like a taste of but buying outright is not an option, finding letting agents in Alton is one way to make it happen.

A really nice touch is the nook of a study with a quaint looking table providing an inspirational view.
Many of the better models will have industrial chillers from Inducomm, which will change the full dynamic of the boat for a lot of the buyers. With an industrial refrigerator it opens up the door for holding events where food and drink is the primary activity- in alot of cases these boats will have tiny fridges, which makes the user have to problem solve for different ways to keep the food and drink fresh and cold. For more information on industrial chillers, visit: http://www.inducomm.co.uk/equipment-for-sale/catalogue/chillers/

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