Floating in the Sun: Water sports on Holiday!

When you love the ocean blue as much as we do, the last thing you want to is spend it stuck in a barge. Having the opportunity to sail somewhere magical when the chance comes up is something not to pass on. This year many people are getting the opportunity to go sailing for the first time in beautiful Greece thanks to the recovering economy and incredible boost in tourism from cheaper trips for UK holiday goers. We looked at one very special Greek island in particular which is perfect if you’re fans of being out on the water.

sailing holiday

For anyone unsure of where to book their summer holidays this year, we highly suggest you do a little research in to the tiny island below. It is Lemnos and it is idyllic to say the least. Located 40 miles east of mainland Greece, it is nicknamed “the wind ridden one” by locals due the windy nature of the island. For some people this would be an issue, but for those who love being out in the water, it makes for perfect windsurfing and sailing conditions.

There are a few hotels and resorts dotted around but the most well-known is the namesake resort; Lemnos Beach Resort. It is a 4 star resort that is known for having something of a village vibe in terms of quietness and tranquillity. Guests staying at the resort need to take a transfer bus from the airport as the resort is nicely tucked away on an un-named road. It adds a level of mystery and discovery to the area. After watching this video, we got a good idea of why it’s being rated as one of the top water sports destinations by travel magazines and blogs.

With so many small islands scattered around the Aegean Sea, it’s a bit of a water lover’s paradise in terms of the activities you can get up to. You could never imagine someone living in a London barge having the chance to surf and dive in such clear waters. Greece is well known for having clean waters around the islands as they don’t have as much pollution. They’re also quite shallow in the bays which make it a perfect place to teach children and newcomers how to correctly navigate the waters.

One of the most popular activities is perfect for holiday makers who aren’t great with balance. You don’t really get a chance to try out stand up paddle boarding back home, so if you’re going to visit a location like this on holiday this year, jump at the chance. It is a very calming and exciting activity as you quickly learn how to maintain balance while making good strides in the water. And because its commonly practised in shallow areas you don’t run that fear of falling in too deep if you slip or lose balance.

Another great water activity you don’t commonly get to carry out in the UK, but can in Greece, is scuba diving. Again this can be a slightly worrying affair if the idea of strapping a tank to your back and jumping the water is completely foreign to you. We highly recommend you do this if there are classes available. Like most things in Greece right now, it is quite a cheap activity. Last we checked the average price for a full training session to learn how to breathe underwater and get familiar with the equipment and initial dive was £99. To put that in perspective, an open water dive with an instructor in Brighton costs £395.

If you are going on a sunny holiday this year, whether or not it is in Greece, really think about trying out some water sports for the first time. It is much more fun than simply lying around in the pool, it keeps you active during the day and honestly unlike anything you’ll have done on a sunny holiday before. And if you’re not the best at it at least you can get a story out of it.

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