Dubai Dreams

You know we love a waterside property and when you look at some of the unbelievable development that has happened in Dubai in the last 20 years you will understand why this is one of our favourite locations.

Not only is there significant coastal developments in Dubai but they have actively moved into the ocean to construct man made islands where luxury hotels and accommodation now sit.

Two of the most famous developments are Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali. Shaped like palm trees the two developments will add an incredible 520 kilometers of coastline to Dubai.
Palm Jumeirah has 16 fronds to the palm like construction and the development is protected by an 11 kilometer long, crescent shaped break water and even has an operational monorail running for the residents of this incredible island.

The islands are formed by a process known as land reclamation where sand is dredged from the bottom of the ocean to create the new islands. The breakwater serves as an important barrier to protect the islands from damaging tides.

In the last few years Dubai has really grown as a city and as a tourist resort. People travel from all around the world for both business and pleasure and there are a number of great attractions in Dubai to see and do.

The idea for the man made islands was from the Prince of Dubai who saw it as an excellent opportunity to offer something different for tourists and the result has definitely achieved that.

Homes and accommodation along the fronds have private swimming pools and stairs leading down to the beach which is not open to the public giving it that exclusivity that property of this standard deserves.

Palm Island really is a great tourist attraction in Dubai and something that has to be seen to be believed. You can get an idea of the structure by looking at the following pictures.


header-image-3 maxresdefault Palm_jumeirah_core palm_jumeirah_ptw051208_2 Sat_Map_Jan_07_OL

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