Drift Away On A Contemporary Barge

You will often here people claim how a holiday is a chance for them to ‘get away from it all’. The old adage couldn’t be anymore apt when you look at this outstanding contemporary barge home.


Now it doesn’t sound right to put ‘contemporary’ and ‘barge’ together but this tropical bungalow allows any visitor to float away whenever they like. It completely eschews the common look of a dark interior with large windows letting all natural light in. The windows are ever so slightly loose in their place to help the entire structure sway with minimum disruption in the water.

Inside the enhanced space has a warming touch with rich wood paneling decorating everything from top to bottom. Even though it is a minimal structure this barge still has room to fit in two lounges area, a dining area, full bathroom and the perfect diving area for any pool you manage to find yourself in.






This might not be everyone’s cup of tea though so looking at the Eastbourne local estate agent site can give you a better idea of the properties that would appeal to you.


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