Clowning Around On The Clyde

Here, we enjoy a lot of things. This includes boats, house boat, some more boats and the wide ocean. We also like to experience different locations.  We’re checking out Glasgow and seeing what this grand city has to offer to us boat enthusiasts.

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The Clyde set in the heart of Glasgow runs through the middle of Glasgow. It might not be the the number one place you consider when setting off on your barge but what’s the point in travelling if you’re not open to new opportunities?! One of the most popular trips when visiting here is the “Doon the Watter” tour which takes you down a number of Glasgow’s landmarks; The Titan Crane and near to the well built SSE Hydro. 

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The Clyde and Sea Lochs excursion is one of the most exciting you can take down the clyde. Enjoy the history and thrills of the clyde on a power boat. Tours last for run around 1 hour.

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Glasgow has a hell of lot to offer but visiting this famous river and learning about it via one of these trips will give you a different type of learning experience compared to others. Like us, you’re a boat enthusiast, who enjoys travel, so with this trip you get the best of both worlds.  Of course, take you’re time to visit other parts of the country but seeing Glasgow in this way is a fun and unique way to spend your time.

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