Building Up Some Dutch Courage

You don’t often get the opportunity to live in a boat where space is easily highlighted, but this converted Dutch barge certainly looks the ticket.

The open plan kitchen and living area works well because of the minimal design and very simple use of lighter colours.Even the bathroom manages to use lack of space as an advantage. Notice how small the sink fittings are, but compromise with a taller basin.

Head in to the bedroom and you’ll see some manipulation going on. The mirror is perfectly levelled with the portholes, allowing for as much light as possible to bounce from one corner to another. This ‘illusion’ of space is also seen in the wheelhouse where there is not one piece of furniture or an ornament in place to really show how big (or compact) the space is.

The engine compartment has also been totally renovated. Buying a new one straight off of the shelf was not an option as the almost 60 year old engine has stopped being made many years before. A new hybrid diesel engine was installed along with new pneumatic cylinders that would assist buoyancy by regulating the boat’s flotation aids which ensures it will not sink under the added weight of al its mod-cons.







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